Steam loco Blueprint t-shirts

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Accurate & detailed engineering line drawings,including measurements,of classic steam locomotives.Hand screenprinted on top quality 100% cotton t-shirt.The design illustrated features a Stanier 'black five',but we have available drawings of the following classes:

LMS/LMR :- Black 5,8F,Ivatt 2,Royal Scot,4F

LNER/ER :- A1,A3,B1

GWR/WR :- Castle,5700 Pannier tank

SR :- Lord Nelson,Schools,West Country

BR: - Britannia

IMPORTANT - To leave details of the class you require on your blueprint t-shirt,use the 'question about product' button at the bottom right of this page,or use the 'order and delivery comments' box in stage one of the checkout process.Thank you.

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